My passion is in learning and teaching Geography and the social subjects more broadly. My work is also driven by social and political concerns about urban inequality, environmental education and democracy. I have taught at all levels of the Geography undergraduate degree at the University of Glasgow, developing and delivering tutorials, labs and lectures. I continue to review and write academic papers for publication (see publications for more detail). 


I have recently successfully completed a PGDE (Secondary Teaching) at the University of Glasgow and probationary teaching year at Johnstone High School. I am currently a supply teacher with Renfrewshire and Inverclyde local authorities. 

The Caring City: Sustainable Communities of Care in Glasgow
Centre for Work-based Learning in Scotland 
Banner Tales 


Caring Glasgow: Sustainable Communities of Care in Glasgow


Before my life in formal education I was the lead singer of Stylus Automatic - easily the biggest band up our close! For the best part of a decade we played up and down the UK and spent some time in L.A recording our album Nightwindows. A music journalist for the List once wrote that our sound was somewhere between the Clash and the Reverend Al Green! I'm still into my sounds and from time-to-time get together with band members and other friends to make a racket.  

Massive fan of the fantasy novel genre - Dragons, Witches, Wizards, Magic n stuff. Particularly keen on the subgenre Urban Fantasy, in which the narrative has an urban setting. Real-world cities can be surreal places that lend themselves well to stories of magical coexistence, conflict and love. I've just finished Helen Wecker's 'The Golem and the Jinni', which is a belter of a book. Set in New York at the turn of last century the story blends the magic of Jewish and Arab folklore through two displaced mystical beings as they experience the rise of Lower Manhattan.  

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